Satisfactory Ep 1: FACTORIO IN 3D??? - Early Access - Let's Play, Gameplay

  • Published on:  Friday, March 8, 2019
  • Join me as I play Satisfactory, a gorgeous, open-world 3d base and factory building game. Download here:

    Satisfactory has long been compared to Factorio in 3d! Let's see how it plays! AlphaFree Weekend.

    Buy on Epic (purchase supports me directly!): Creator Code: KATHERINEOFSKY

    A huge thank you to Coffee Stain Studios for providing me with a game key!

    Early Access Date: 19 March 2019


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    What is Satisfactory about?

    Satisfactory is an FPS open-world factory building sim. You play as an engineer on an alien planet tasked to complete ‘Project Assembly’ - a massive machine for a mysterious purpose. Conquer nature, build multi-story factories, and automate to satisfaction!
    Are there multiple procedurally generated planets?

    No, there are no procedurally generated planets. Just one beautifully crafted, hand-made, 100% organic, vegan, GMO-free planet.

    Actually, it’s not even a whole planet. It’s just a small bit. But it’s still pretty big, 30km2. That means about 5.4x5.4km.
    Is there combat in the game?

    Is Satisfactory multiplayer?

    Yes. We officially support 1-4 players, but we are not limiting it at the moment. This might change but if you want to try more than 4 players then go for it. If it crashes it’s you or Simon’s fault. @SBegby on Twitter.
    Will there be mod support?

    This is something we have seriously considered but are instead focusing on getting the game finished and running smoothly. Mod support may be added in the future.

    Buy on Epic:
    Creator Code: KATHERINEOFSKY
    Facebook: /SatisfactoryGame
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  • Rik jaymez

    Rik jaymez

     5 days ago


  • Oliver Andersson

    Oliver Andersson

     21 days ago

    Too bad you have to give away all your personal information alongside with your eternal soul to the Chinese Overlords to play this game :((

  • Andrew Kile

    Andrew Kile

     1 months ago

    I absolutely love your videos regardless of the games.

  • lil pickaxe

    lil pickaxe

     3 months ago

    Satisfactory is released on epic launcher xD genuinely the worst launcher ever lol I'm not even kidding search it up on YouTube and see for yourself

  • mod ham

    mod ham

     4 months ago

    Karen mom

  • TheBaconDeity


     5 months ago

    Looks pretty tedious tbh. There've been games that have tried this, granted they've failed terribly (like GRAV), and I didn't enjoy those that much. But I do like Factorio for some reason. Also, not a fan of Epic Games Store.

  • skalapunk


     5 months ago

    "The next Factorio, but in 3D"

    Fortresscraft Evolved: cries

    In all honesty, if you guys like production chain/base-building games, you own it to yourself to check out Fortresscraft Evolved!

  • ProstoLyubo


     7 months ago

    Game audio is too silent - I either don't hear ADA or You are to loud.

  • OnyxFantasy


     7 months ago

    I love your content, and your voice is also relaxing. I looked and realized I hadn’t subscribed until today! Sorry!

  • Ryan Regis

    Ryan Regis

     7 months ago

    I've just found your channel and I'm in love with your voiceeee!!!

  • Tristan Quow

    Tristan Quow

     7 months ago

    I love your voice!😁😁😆

  • Niko B

    Niko B

     7 months ago

    just wanted to say i bought the game because of your great Let's play. Used your Creater Code, keep going !!!

  • freak gamer

    freak gamer

     7 months ago

    To answer the question: No

  • langelagrenouille


     7 months ago

    a mix of no man's sky and fortresscraft evolved. with better graphics

  • deluxiz gaming

    deluxiz gaming

     7 months ago +2

    i know it's an older video but if u do RMB in the workbench on the item you want it will add it to the to-do-list as what you were saying isn't there

  • Lethal Arab

    Lethal Arab

     7 months ago +1


  • Electro Jack

    Electro Jack

     7 months ago

    I think the biggest thing this game has going for it is how relatively peaceful it is.

  • aceichner


     7 months ago

    Oh, Kathrine. I though this looked pretty cool, then I found it was only on Epic.
    I have made more than one purchase/wishlist add based on watching you play, but I can't follow you there. I will have to be more careful in the future.

  • bithunter32


     7 months ago

    Looks a lot like GRAV.

  • Raistling89


     7 months ago

    Wow. You got the exact same map I did when I played in the invitational alpha weekend thing. Both 2 iron ore spots and the copper and everything :P