Whose line is it anyway NEW Scenes from a hat Season 9

  • Published on:  Saturday, August 29, 2015
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    Every scenes from a hat from season 9 of Whose line. More videos coming soon :)

    For fans of this show by fans of this show.

    Enjoy :)

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/KpZ5d--2C6c


  • Capn Pete

    Capn Pete

     3 hours ago

    Stiles is the only one who had to get political. Flaming liberal Koolaide drinker.

  • Pyro Head

    Pyro Head

     12 hours ago +1

    7:27 What was unexpected..... LMFAO

  • Mickayla Caito

    Mickayla Caito

     23 hours ago

    Is that ross' girlfriend?

  • The History Critic Guy

    The History Critic Guy


    “Unlikely lines in a hair commercial”

    *all 3 bald guys step out

    That was the best one 🤣🤣🤣

  • mar b

    mar b


    The prop game was always my favorite

  • Impaleification


     2 days ago

    I was waiting for "I'll have what he's having" during the lunch bit.

  • Ariel Palermo

    Ariel Palermo

     2 days ago

    Am I the only one who is really distracted by the hot guy in the background towards the end? In the Audience?

  • Grimm Wight

    Grimm Wight

     3 days ago

    Brady predicted Elmo on game of thrones

  • Theresa Marie

    Theresa Marie

     3 days ago

    Does Hollyweird know they leave out 50% of America when the insult Republicans?
    If I knew they were really joking I would laugh with them, but I know theyre not, it's one of the reasons I got rid of my TV.
    Oh well, maybe they'll learn someday.

  • Ron Abernathy

    Ron Abernathy

     3 days ago

    All I hear when she speaks is Lana Kane.

  • Sandra Primm

    Sandra Primm

     3 days ago

    Oliver is a really nice looking pup and it's so good to see how great you two are together.

  • Jason Miller

    Jason Miller

     4 days ago

    Things you can say about shoes, but not your girlfriend: Gee, the last one came in a pair.

  • keith dunham

    keith dunham

     5 days ago

    popeye -- thar she blows

  • Cherise Doane

    Cherise Doane

     5 days ago

    Things you can say about your lunch but not your girlfriend:

    "I love blue waffles!"

  • Garrett Horner

    Garrett Horner

     6 days ago

    “Oh that’s one smelly fish”

  • Leland- BoB Palmer

    Leland- BoB Palmer

     7 days ago

    16:25 = Not bad, for leftovers

  • Justin Cissell

    Justin Cissell

     7 days ago

    I always thought this show was dumb

  • Capt


     7 days ago

    This new host fucking sucks. Show was only good when drew was there. Now it just consist of ass jokes since everyone is so sensitive

  • Anime God

    Anime God

     7 days ago


  • Professor Moola Gaming

    Professor Moola Gaming

     7 days ago +1

    Thing you can say about your shoes but not your wife: I can’t wait to stick my foot in this.