Our Nuclear Power Plant has 27 NUCLEAR REACTORS?! | Satisfactory Early Access Gameplay Ep 43

  • Published on:  Friday, July 5, 2019
  • Our Nuclear Power Plant has 27 NUCLEAR REACTORS?! | Satisfactory Early Access Gameplay Ep 43

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    Satisfactory gameplay today finishing up our Nuclear Power Plant! Since we have nuclear fuel rods, a way to get rid of nuclear waste, and an area cleared for the power plant, it's about time we finished this project off and enter the nuclear age!


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    About: Satisfactory
    Satisfactory is a first-person open-world factory building game with a dash of exploration and combat. Pioneering for FICSIT Incorporated means charting and exploiting an alien planet, battling alien lifeforms, creating multi-story factories, entering conveyor belt heaven, automating vehicles, and researching new technologies.
    This Factorio like game has heavy automation, with automated mining, crafting, and you can even automate movement!

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  • ImKibitz


     4 months ago +94


  • Jim C K Flaten

    Jim C K Flaten

     2 months ago

    Your thing with water sounds like Misophonia. I have it, but not with water noises specifically

  • Giarno van Zeijl

    Giarno van Zeijl

     2 months ago

    It's very Rad. It's radiation. :3



     2 months ago

    How do you deal with all that waste?

  • Topos Maci

    Topos Maci

     2 months ago

    You should try factorio !

  • Hidden Master

    Hidden Master

     2 months ago

    My throat starts to hurt just by listening to his fake / forced voice lol. Anyone else can feel that? It means the voice is not coming out authentically

  • zakbm


     3 months ago

    21:55 "Thus solving the problem once and for all.
    - But...

  • 69_In_Yo_Belly !

    69_In_Yo_Belly !

     3 months ago

    can i just say that u can clip trains into the mountains

  • hyperforce


     3 months ago

    so you have misophonia (the hatred of certain sounds) for water... sooo... aquamisophonia ?

  • Nic


     3 months ago

    Hey @ImKibitz. Your hate of drinking noises is not random or weird. There actually is a genetic factor and a non-genetic factor that contributes to this. The hatred of these sound is called misophonia. I too have an absolute hatred of drinking sounds. Researches have found one genetic marker associated with this and it is located near the TENM2 gene which is involved in brain development. My sources for this information is 23andme.

  • darkbladet


     3 months ago

    you could have used the near by node and made another rod production and mwahaha. what is the max power the map produces i wonder can you get a terawatt.

  • eto _

    eto _

     3 months ago

    hey short question: if i have 16 nuclear fuel rods each min how many reactors can i power? each time i calculate it i get a different number

  • Santa Dragon

    Santa Dragon

     3 months ago

    I like that you made some pilars below the platform and has not let floating it around unrealistically.

  • Criptonyx


     3 months ago

    Why do you use t1 belts?

  • Kwaus


     3 months ago

    @ImKibitz its called Misophonia. I have it with certain noises too. google it ;)

  • Silver Werewolf

    Silver Werewolf

     4 months ago

    They have to optimize this game, all the videos with aliasing everywhere horrible graphics and at 15fps, is terrible
    Edit: 15? like 5 with shutter

  • blank


     4 months ago

    How many Uranium sources are in the world of Satisfactory?



     4 months ago

    I think you should build walls around the nuke plants. when you do slowly instep as you progress so you can make the entire platform look like one Giant Nuclear power plant. (Pyramid shape basically)

  • Sukhman Khangura

    Sukhman Khangura

     4 months ago

    I'm sorry but at one point your going to have to go to the cave because it will get backed up, talking about nuke waste

  • Marcus Daloia

    Marcus Daloia

     4 months ago

    You could always just underclock that twenty-seventh one in order to keep it constandly fed with less then a fuel rod every five minutes; just sort of slow it down until it chews through that fuel at the same rate it's being produced.

    Edit: or, you know, underclock them all by a much smaller, but even, amount; that would likely work better for load balencing.