A Man Was Hiking In The Smoky Mountains When He Stumbled Across A Seriously Creepy Discovery

  • Published on:  Friday, March 15, 2019
  • Explorer and photographer Jordan Liles surveys the creepy site, which is nestled deep within the woodland of the Smoky Mountains. Residents abandoned the town approximately two decades ago now, and its buildings have lain empty and forgotten ever since. And as Liles peers through broken windows and collapsed walls, only the sounds of nature break the eerie silence.


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  • Garry Wackerhagen

    Garry Wackerhagen

     2 days ago

    Better due your homework before you post something like this. This settlement goes back before the park took it. There was an agreement to let one generation to retain the property an after that generation passes it becomes park property. I live here and know where this is. I knew people that lived there. The park was going to let it revert to nature but decided to restore three of the cabins. The hotel was the Wonderland Hotel and I have attended functions in the hotel. This area is Elkmont community. You paint this as weird which it is not.

  • Mike Scott Singh

    Mike Scott Singh

     5 days ago

    Well it seems Lyle or the narrator ain't nothing more than a cowardly cameraman. These houses look a lot safer than some of my dwellings, just kidding....or am I?

  • James Sanders

    James Sanders

     7 days ago

    If I hear robotic voice tracks, I leave immediately. End of story!!!!!!!!!

  • Fuzza majumula

    Fuzza majumula

     7 days ago

    What's so creepy about that? The only remotely creepy thing is that the National Park Service hasn't restored this jewel of a bygone era. I'm sure campers would be willing to pay to rent the restored buildings.

  • a.r. hays

    a.r. hays

     14 days ago

    Uh, the man had not hiked very far. This is not really creepy or abandoned for the most part. This story is really misleading . I will say that it is a good STORY though.

  • Tom Robinett

    Tom Robinett

     14 days ago

    what a neat place! didn't care for the voice over

  • don barker

    don barker

     21 days ago

    This is a bunch of crap Elkmont is well known with a paved road and parking area for visitors.Get real enough B.S..

  • Joan Prescott

    Joan Prescott

     1 months ago

    What exactly is Seriously Creepy about this??? The only Creepy bit is the Robotic Voice narrating this.

  • *мαяιlуи *

    *мαяιlуи *

     1 months ago

    So boring

  • White Owl

    White Owl

     1 months ago

    He's just a straight pussy to not go in WTF it been in worst

  • White Owl

    White Owl

     1 months ago

    My property line connects to the Smoky Mountains here in Tennessee

  • Ted Watson

    Ted Watson

     3 months ago

    halfway through the video and they haven't arrived at the creepy part... maybe they're going to spring it on us at the end....stopped watching the video at 12:16... if there's something creepy coming up I'm going to miss it

  • Gavin Mcvey

    Gavin Mcvey

     3 months ago

    You need to do something about that voice that gives you a sore head it ruins the video 😱😱😱

  • Carlton Phelps

    Carlton Phelps

     4 months ago

    We had lunch at the hotel and sat on the pouch in the rocking chairs. They showed us around and we checked out a room. To bad we didn't get back soon enough to stay a night our two.

  • deken


     4 months ago

    I stayed up there in the late '80's. There were many cabins still in good shape then and families staying in them. I can't recall if the hotel was open or not. The man I was dating at the time was a pilot and it was his family's cabin. It's very sad they allowed Elkmont to waste away to the ravages of time. It was a beautiful little community. If I'm not mistaken, the 2016 fires didn't reach that far up the mountain.

  • Linda Demanche

    Linda Demanche

     4 months ago

    So good to be remembered.

  • contrarian duude

    contrarian duude

     5 months ago

    The creepy discovery was that space aliens now inhabit the area. But the FBI wouldn't let him take pictures of them. At 17:10 you can see their space ship, ole wait that was deleted too. The worst discovery is that your not going to get that 16 minutes back.

  • Bryan McDermott

    Bryan McDermott

     5 months ago

    Nobody stumbled across anything. You can drive there. I grew up having post-hike meals at the hotel in the 80s.

    Also, the NPS completely stole all this from owners. It's criminal.

  • Juana Torres

    Juana Torres

     6 months ago

    Wow you people commenting here are so annoying!!! All you do is bitch and complain. And the voice didn't bother me. You don't like.computer voices but you're on compiters or tablets or cell phones. So get off already and go do things that don't involve technology. You all sound like robots repeating the same annoying comments. If you don't agree with what is said in the video then why the hell are you here to begin with? Go away and stop ruining the experience for the rest of us.

  • Harold Newnam

    Harold Newnam

     6 months ago

    It has to cost to apply a robotic voice. Why not just read the script yourself. Would be much more interesting.