BUILD A FACTORY & SURVIVE THE MONSTERS! - Factory Automation & Mining! - Satisfactory Gameplay

  • Published on:  Saturday, March 9, 2019
  • Satisfactory Early Access Gameplay Part 1 - Welcome to Satisfactory! Satisfactory is a brand new factory game where you must survive on an alien planet, and build the best factory you can! Today we reach the highest upgrade for the hub and automate production! Let's play Satisfactory!

    If you want more Satisfactory gameplay, or if you would like to see more updates, let me know down below!

    Satisfactory Early Access Trailer:
    Watch my friend Blitz play Satisfactory:
    Also check out Draegast's video:


    Satisfactory on the Epic Store:

    About Satisfactory:
    Construct & Automate! Satisfactory is a first-person open-world factory building game with a dash of exploration and combat. Pioneering for FICSIT Incorporated means charting and exploiting an alien planet, battling alien lifeforms, creating multi-story factories, entering conveyor belt heaven, automating vehicles, and researching new technologies.

    At FICSIT inc. you will take part in the Save the Day program, providing short-term solutions for long-term problems, possibly with the help of your friends.

    Early Access launches March 19th!


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  • Cj Hansen

    Cj Hansen

     3 days ago

    I definitely liked the game, I would love to play this. Great video man

  • Renu Zitto

    Renu Zitto

     1 months ago

    23:20 edups?

  • Chonkas


     2 months ago

    11:23 'IGP sees conveyor belt' 'immediately NUTS'

  • JörmunGandr


     2 months ago

    the wallpaper on the monitors is windows xp bliss

  • theboss17113 3

    theboss17113 3

     3 months ago

    Igp: I won't be dumb

    6 minutes in jumps off a cliff

  • AlaricScandoveski


     3 months ago

    I bought this because of you.

  • SamIAmPHX


     3 months ago

    I'm a little late on watching this one IGP... but wanted to mention that you can actually RIDE the moth creature! They same constant path and you can build up to jump on top of them ;)

  • Jurain Massakidi-star

    Jurain Massakidi-star

     4 months ago

    Yo would you be able to play the isle again?

  • ninjabo 01

    ninjabo 01

     4 months ago

    Ma du das a sting ra!

  • Kenneth Williams

    Kenneth Williams

     5 months ago

    this is actually a good game. (i learned this from Markiplier,it was un settling in his way)

  • DotTheClown


     6 months ago

    you build in the same spot jacksepicy built in

  • Christian Nilsson

    Christian Nilsson

     6 months ago

    Where do you find all these awsome looking games ? :)

  • Dreamer King

    Dreamer King

     6 months ago

    Can you build vehicles or anything?

  • Ishanya kukade

    Ishanya kukade

     6 months ago +1


  • Lord Lew

    Lord Lew

     6 months ago

    Is this RadBrad?

  • Kyle Copeland

    Kyle Copeland

     6 months ago

    Graphics look like No Man Sky

  • con froggin

    con froggin

     6 months ago

    Desert titan..

  • Ralph Bacong

    Ralph Bacong

     6 months ago

    Uhm dude IGP where is the Kingdom 2 crowns series? Did you give playing? Or just suu biizzzy?

  • Zackerypj


     6 months ago

    Omg this game looks great take my money “epic game store” Ight I guess gotta wait 1 year to play

  • Anthony Amand

    Anthony Amand

     6 months ago

    LOVE IT /PLAY IT give us more