Entire Biome Mined w/ Trains (10,000+ IRON ORE) - Satisfactory Early Access Gameplay Ep 53

  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 6, 2019
  • Entire Biome Mined w/ Trains (10,000+ IRON ORE) - Satisfactory Early Access Gameplay Ep 53

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    Want some more Satisfactory tips about trains? The more trains you have the better! Satisfactory train gameplay today where we're continuing to build our biggest train setup yet that has 4 trains which each have 8 locomotives and 20 freight cars each! Now we're adding on even more trains to get our iron and quartz so it's all brought together at our mega train station!


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    About: Satisfactory
    Satisfactory is a first-person open-world factory building game with a dash of exploration and combat. Pioneering for FICSIT Incorporated means charting and exploiting an alien planet, battling alien lifeforms, creating multi-story factories, entering conveyor belt heaven, automating vehicles, and researching new technologies. Satisfactory Train update and Nuclear update also adds in trains, train stations, and nuclear power plant to enjoy, if you can handle the nuclear waste that is!
    This Factorio like game has heavy automation, with automated mining, crafting, and you can even automate movement! Follow my Satisfactory Early Access Gameplay for the best base building, best Satisfactory tips, and more!

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  • ImKibitz


     3 months ago +31

    More trains? More trains!
    If anyone has any suggestions for the grand iron station, let me know!

  • RagingBeaver194


     7 days ago +1

    Why wouldn't you process the iron at the desert location so that you have less to transport? Reinforced iron plates are more compact than iron ore

  • Vatharian


     7 days ago

    12:46 - I felt that. In Satisfactory it's kind of annoying, since you can't haul much with you, but in Factorio I once spent 35 minutes going both ways (railworld, don't judge me) to get a SINGLE F...G tungsten plate.

    As usual, strategically placed belts + jetpack + height. If you're quick enough and creative with towers and other stuff you can GO FAST. So far I managed to fly WHOLE MAP DIAGONALLY in 3.5 jumps (fourth I cut short because I reached the destination), but I am NOT quick enough. Thing is, if you change the equipment mid-flight, the jetpack refuels itself, so I believe it is possible to fly 100% longest diagonal in one take.

  • Michael Deadman

    Michael Deadman

     7 days ago

    I was disappointed to find out this game was epic exclusive but it sounds like waiting for it to come to steam will give better time for improvements

  • Stix


     28 days ago

    Haha...he said sharted... power..sharted

  • Richard Sleeve

    Richard Sleeve

     1 months ago

    When this game first came out, I was sad that I couldn't play right away cuz computer was dead. But I also thought maybe it was a good thing since it isn't finished. I didn't want to run into the end of available tiers. Yeah... I'm no where near anything like this, and I've been playing for a month.

  • Sariondil


     1 months ago +13

    "I am so stingy with my time!"

    has spent 400 hours building a factory in one game

  • Jakobi Lundy-Bass

    Jakobi Lundy-Bass

     1 months ago

    1:14 is the only reason i subbed

  • dirtbikeryzz


     2 months ago

    A revolutionary silky smooth 20fps

  • furrylolipop


     2 months ago

    Sounds like you’re going off the rails on the crazy train

  • Jonathan Ritter

    Jonathan Ritter

     3 months ago

    23:09 really nice how you added details to the train line structure to make it look physically sound. Very very nice! Looks fantastic.

  • Matt B

    Matt B

     3 months ago

    How is performance in this game?

  • ShadowDome102


     3 months ago

    Kib whats is your system specs?

  • Lord Dracon

    Lord Dracon

     3 months ago

    the resource map I found from before the train update had 10 normal oil fields in the desert, are you using those or did they get remove it since that map was made?

  • Valian G

    Valian G

     3 months ago

    Disappointed you didn't call the one in the desert the Dry Line

  • SoecX


     3 months ago

    A quantum leap is something really really really tiny. So i hope the experimental build helps more than that. πŸ˜…

  • James Fulton

    James Fulton

     3 months ago

    one piece on a train

  • Lesardah


     3 months ago

    I use the 8x2 ramps and can do at least 4 freight cars per locomotive. Takes more foundations to go up a slope, but as long as you start the incline early, it's worth it.

  • Dreamer


     3 months ago

    Is it worth starting to play the game now or should I wait for the finished product? I bought it a month ago.

  • Jesse Birch

    Jesse Birch

     3 months ago

    I can’t make super computers in experimental or early access when I have them unlocked